Study in USA

United States of America; it is the most favorite destination for higher studies all over the world. The only reason that makes it high in demand is that it is a land of opportunities. It is termed as the best place to study because of its research work and level of education. It helps us to achieve that huge success in our career which we dreamt in past.

Strong research and funding have helped make American colleges and universities among the worlds’ most prestigious, making them particularly attractive to international students, professors and researchers in the pursuit of academic excellence.

Colleges and universities in the U.S. vary in terms of goals; some any emphasize a vocational, business, engineering, or technical curriculum (like polytechnic universities and land-grant universities) while others may emphasize a liberal arts curriculum. Many combine some or all of the above, being a comprehensive university.

In the US, the term “college’ refers to either one of the three types of education institutions: stand alone higher level education institutions that are not components of a university, including Community Colleges, Liberal Arts Colleges and a college within a university, mostly the undergraduate institution of a university. Unlike colleges versus universities in other portions of the world, a stand-alone college is truly stand-alone and is not part of a university, and is also not affiliated with an affiliating university.

Currently more than 100,000 Indian students are studying in USA. Getting visa is not at all a tough task for the right students and the attitude of US Consulate is very much positive to them. Student’s growth is better and has a lot of potential in United States of America due its education has an international exposure and multi culture civilization.

Top reasons to study in USA

  • Holds the top spot for best universities
  • High Level of Education
  • Wide range of Tuition Fees
  • Choice of 4000+ universities across 50 states
  • Best options for International Career
  • Excellent accreditation system

Visa process in United States of America

USA is considered as the country with least documentation required for making a study permit application.

Processing a study application is very simple & common for all the international students. It starts with an application for I20 and paying Sevis Fees followed by filling DS 160 online and scheduling visa interview.

USA General Counseling Sheet

  • Associate Degree
  • Undergraduate Degree
  • Postgraduate Degree
  • Research Degree
  • Durations
    • Associate Degree

      2 year

    • Under graduate Degree

      4 years

    • Postgraduate Degree

      2 years

    • Research Degree

      3 to 4 years

  • Approximate Tuition Fees
    • Associate Degree

      Approx. 14000 to 22000 USD$

    • Under graduate Degree

      Approx. 15000 to 33000 USD$

    • Postgraduate Degree

      Approx. 15000 to 37000 USD$

    • Research Degree

      Approx. 20000 to 40000 USD$

  • Estimated Living Expenses

    Approx. 13000 to 19000 USD$

January & September are major intakes. May is a smaller intake and mainly ESL courses start in this intake.

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