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GRE Coaching in Ahmedabad

About GRE

  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized examination conducted by Educational Testing Service (ETS) designed to measure overall academic preparedness for a graduate school. The GRE provides graduation and B-school with a common criterion for comparison. GRE scores are valid for five years; however a lot of colleges prefer scores within last three years. There are two kinds of GRE tests, one being general GRE and other being subject specific GRE General Test measures academic readiness of an individual whereas GRE Subject Test assesses subject-specific technical knowledge. The GRE General Test is accepted at various graduate, business and law schools globally whereas clearing subject-specific GRE is required at various colleges for some specific courses. GRE can be taken 5 times in a calendar year with a minimum gap of 21 days between any two attempts.

GRE Exam Format

  • GRE Exam pattern consists of three main sections namely analytical writing, verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning.

    Analytical reasoning – It measures ability to think critically, articulate effectively and support   complex ideas.

    Verbal Reasoning – It measures ability to analyze and evaluate written material and incorporate information obtained from it along with analyzing and recognizing relationships between words, concepts and parts of sentences.

    Quantitative Reasoning – It measures basic mathematical skills and checks understanding of the fundamental concepts of Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry and Modern Math problems. It also assesses skills on data analysis.

                                Sections                           Number of Questions / Score range         Allotted Time
                       Analytical Writing
(One section with two separately timed tasks)
   One “Analyze an Issue” task and one “Analyze an Argument” task
                         [Score: 0 – 6, in half point increments]
   30 minutes per task
                       Verbal Reasoning
                         (Two sections)
                                     20 questions per section
                                     [Score: 130 – 170 in total]
30 minutes per section
                  Quantitative Reasoning
                         (Two sections)
                                     20 questions per section
                                     [Score: 130 – 170 in total]
35 minutes per section
                            Un-scored*                                                     Varies              Varies
                             Research*                                                     Varies              Varies
  • *An unidentified un-scored section that does not count towards the score of a test taker may be included and may appear in any order after the Analytical Writing section. Questions in the un-scored section are being tried out either for possible use in future tests or to ensure that scores on new editions of the test are comparable to scores from earlier editions.

    **An identified research section that does not count toward your score may be included in place of the un-scored section. The research section will always appear at the end of the test. Questions in this section are included for ETS research purposes.

    GRE is a computer adaptive test because of which the difficulty level of the second section of each subject will depend upon test taker’s performance in the first section of that particular subject. For example if a test taker gets a lot of questions correct on the first section, they are likely to get a harder second section, but access to higher scores. If the test taker doesn’t get as many questions correct in the first section, they are likely to get an easier second section and subsequently their scoring potential gets capped at a lower range.

Why Shreehari?


Shreehari Education Consultants Pvt. Ltd. formerly known as Shreehari Immigration & Travels Pvt. Ltd. is among the best competitive exams trainer and student visa consultant in Gujarat, India. We have successfully guided over 1,00,000 aspirants and trained over 15,000 students in the last 16 years. Shreehari is accredited by highly reputed international agencies including AIRC, NAFSA, ICEF, IEAA and certified by PIER as QEAC & CCEA. Along with this, we are also an exclusive Platinum Knowledge Partner of Cambridge University Press which prepares the study materials and sets the question papers for the IELTS test. Below are the points which give you more reasons to get associated with us.

GRE Study Resources

Shreehari has the most updated and comprehensive GRE Prep Material with questions which match the actual GRE questions. The material is created after careful research, deliberation and actual test taking by our expert trainers who themselves have studied in some of the most prestigious institutuions.

Finest Experts as In-House Trainers

We proudly highlight the fact that our teachers and trainers are some of the most experienced souls in the test prep industry and have undergone rigorous certifications before being eligible to be a part of our esteemed institute.

Video Lectures

Along with the routine classroom lectures, we also have video lectures for our aspirants as it is very difficult to prepare and take exams simultaneously. These video lectures comprise of not only the topics of study but also exam analysis, strategy sessions and a lot more. Also, with the pandemic situation, having video lecture or online lectures are a widely accepted mode of lecture delivery.

Mock Tests

GRE gives your application a lot of boost and attention from various talent seekers. Being a standardized exam, several admission heads look for candidates who score well on the test and have an overall knack of understanding and comprehension abilities. At Shreehari, we don’t believe in restricting preparation of our students to just full length mock tests. Through mock tests, weak areas and strengths of each student are determined and we believe in sectional tests and practice tests to improve and excel in studies.