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The Practices Are Grand – Don’t Allow Them To Be Disrupted

18/09/2018 by in Blogs

There are daily practices that I believe we must all do without questions. I also believe that there are daily practices that we, as individuals, should undertake. The problem that I face and that many people that I speak to face is that often practices are interrupted.

“If you want to disrupt life, don’t let life disrupt your practices.”

This is a great mantra to live by. One that seems to be constantly reminding me that if I really want to live truly free and live the life I desire then I must not allow my practices to be interrupted. I must not become distracted from the simple yet most profoundly important rituals of life.

If you want to be a unbelievable guitar player you couldn’t expect to do so with a interrupted and inconsistent practice. That means to practice only when you feel in the mood or when time seems appropriate. Image that, practice three days, have a few days off, practice for a week, have a couple of weeks off. There is no way this technique would allow you to master the guitar.

If you want to live a free life and live towards your dreams you must remain strong with those practices. We must not allow life to distract our attention and focus.

What are they? They are the practices that will profoundly change your ability to live free. They are the practices that make you feel alive. They are those things that you do regularly because they are important to you.

Daily practices include, exercise, learning, time in solitude, meditation or time to reflect. They should also include time to communicate, socialise and interact with your tribe, those that you love. Having new experiences and serving others in the most simplest form necessary are also highly beneficial practices.

There are other practices that I believe you as an individual should schedule without failure. What they are depends on whats important to you. I believe that they all connect back to those above. I call these your daily themes – things to do without failure. A few of mine are writing, speaking and spending time with my girls.

I believe I must all do these daily. I know that they make me feel more alive and when constantly undertaken the have major benefit to living the life I desire. They are taking me towards more freedom.

I am guilty of breaking these practices. I am not perfect nor do I believe I ever will be. But I am determined everyday to be better. I keep up the courage to keep pursuing my dreams. The reason I write this is to remind myself of the practices in my life that are absolutely essential.

With greater awareness to I seek to rid myself of these poisons that keep coming about to disrupt my practices. The poisons of life do not make me feel good. They are not conducive to the life I desires. They are momentary crowd pleasers. Short burst of satisfaction that affect my ability to live with longer lasting levels of satisfaction.

What are your poisons? What are the practices that make you feel more alive? If we can get rid of the shit in our lives and just stick to those key practices first before anything else then may we live larger.

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