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The Trek of Life: Overnight Success Will Be Created By The Journey We Take

September 18, 2018 by in blogs

Life is more like a marathon and less like a sprint. How many times do we hear this? There is a reason for this and I believe it to be true.

For all the people I interview about their life, their passion and their discovery to why they exist, they all highlight one thing very consistently and that is, “the journey to where they are going or how they got to where they are is not an overnight story of success.”

Granted, things in this day and age are getting fast, the technology and digital information age are making changes happen so quick that we as a society are becoming more expectant that things for us too, will happen instantly.

This is a challenge for society as it is typically not the case. The Uber’s, the Facebook’s, the Angry birds, the overnight millionaires do happen yet these are irregular stories.

For many of the greats that you may look up to, the journey to where they are most likely took many years. It only appears short from our external and limited perception based on where they stand today.

Understand this, life is like a trek. There will be peaks and valleys. There will be times when just after a rise you find yourself going downhill only to have to climb again.

The trek to the peak of is not a short one it will take time!

There will be obstacles along the way. Some of these obstacles will be more difficult than others. The trick is to learn how to overcome these with greater ease while also not letting them disturb the beauty that life offers – even during times of adversity.

We may be swayed by fear or challenged more than we desire but don’t stop and accept half way. You can make it to the peak, anyone can.

Instead stand back, take a breath, have a rest, reassess the situation and find a solution to overcome the obstacle. Can you remove it? Is there a path around it?

Be mindful of the path you choose to take. Don’t be lead of the cliff or by tempted to climb the steep slopes in efforts to take short cuts, as sometimes this may be more detrimental to getting your to your final destination. Be mindful of these temptations that come about.

As you continue on the journey you will learn. You will become stronger. You will discover more peace along the way, and someday, just someday with you’re continuing persistence and perseverance, strong will and desire, and the vision you hold – you will put your flag in the soil at the peak and enjoy the view.

From there you will likely see a view of the next peak you want to climb. For this reason it is most important that you enjoy the journey and take in each and every moment like its your last along the way.

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