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Visitor Visa



Visitor visas are temporary entry permits issued to visit a country for the purpose of visiting a family member or for a vacation or sightseeing. These visas have short validity and the person holding this visa is not allowed to undertake any work or business while visiting the issuing country.

Shreehari offers its expertise and experience to assist you in navigating the trending visa application processes and compiling crucial documents like cover letter, visa forms, financial statements, etc. Thousands of visa approval stories of our clients are testament to our high visa success rate and to our excellent hassle-free services. Fly around the world with us!

Dependent Visa



Dependent visas are an excellent way to join your spouse when he/she is away from you living in a foreign country and giving best efforts for achieving his/her academic goals. A dependent visa not only allows the applicant to reunite the spouse but one can also work for the full time in the respective country. Though most of the countries allow the students to bring their spouse/families along with them, it requires highly professional execution of any application for a dependent visa. Shreehari understands it very well and we have mastered the process of dependent visa. We will guide you for the entire process including the documentation, furnishing the minor yet important details, updates with the rules of concerned consulate/high commission, interview preparation for the visa (if required) and the application. At Shreehari, you are assured of a hassle-free process for the dependent visa with great chances of the successful visa issuance.


Ancillary Services

  • Profile Assessment
  • Career & Country Counselling
  • College / University Applications
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP) review assistance
  • University & Visa Interview preparation
  • Visa documentation
  • Accommodation Search Assistance
  • Funds / Financial Guidance
  • Pre-departure Briefing

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