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USA is a country of 50-states where a huge area of North America shared with Alaska in the northwest and state of south America; Chile having two coastal line including South Pacific Ocean and South Atlantic Ocean. It also has Hawaii which is extending the nation’s presence into the Pacific Ocean. Major cities of USA are Washington DC – The Capital City having neoclassical and historical monuments and buildings, New York – a global finance and culture center, Midwestern Chicago – city known for influential architecture, Los Angeles’ – famous for Hollywood and filmmaking, Las Vegas – the Casino City, San Francisco – the city of steep streets and the Golden Gate Bridge. 

United States of America is the global leader because it has the largest economy and strong military power in comparison to the rest of the world. It has the third-largest area among all the countries in the world. In fact, in recent times, the U.S. is ranked No. 1 in the new Agility ranking. Countries like Australia, Canada, Germany, Singapore and South Korea come after it. Home to the highest number of Top Ranked Universities in the world, it is the top destination for international students. Some interesting facts about USA are:

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  • USA stands at no. 7 in Henley and Partners Passport Index having visa free access to over 185 countries
  • Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington DC and San Diego are the top study destinations of USA
  • USA has natural attraction in abundance as it bisected by the Mississippi river and the Rocky Mountains, framed by two oceans and home to breathtaking sites such as the Grand Canyon and the Niagara Falls.
  • USA is home to 10 natural wonders such as Grand Canyon National Park, Yosemite National Park, Redwood National & State Parks, Denali National Park, Niagara Falls, Yellowstone National Park, Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave, Maine’s Acadia National Park, Monument Valley, Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano
  • USA is also home to 10 engineering marvels such as United States Capitol, Empire State Building, Lincoln Memorial, Seagram Building, Louis Kahn’s Salk Institute in La Jolla, Grand Central Station, Brooklyn Bridge, Tribune Tower, Carnegie Hall and The Golden Gate Bridge
  • The country has wide range of scenic beauty including deserts, mountains, canyons, grasslands, dense forests, valleys, beaches, volcanoes etc.
  • USA is land of inventions as Airplanes, Telephone, Lightbulb, Transistor, Traffic Lights, GPS, Jeans, Helicopters, Computer mouse, Digital Cameras, Laser Printers, Google, Wi-Fi, iPod, Facebook, Laser, etc. are invented here
  • World top brands are from the USA such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, WhatsApp, Apple, Ford, Boeing, IBM, Dell, HP, McDonalds, Subway, Hollywood, Amazon, Pepsi Co., Disney, Harley-Davidson, Gillette, etc.

Study in USA

Since many years, USA is ruling the world being the most preferred destination for international students for their higher studies. Most of the universities in the ranking of top 100 are from USA and this is the reason United States attracts highest number of international students every year. The country emphasis a lot on research and innovation in the areas of technology and it is beneficial to the students too during the course of their studies here. Students know that graduating from the best academic institutions and excellent education system can differentiate them from their counterparts during professional life and career experiences. Flexible education, wide range of courses to choose from, cross culture experiences due to the diversification and excellent learning opportunities are some other factors making USA first choice for international students. The qualifications are globally recognized and highly valued in professional careers. Some of the major reasons to study in USA are:
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Excellent Academic Reputation The US has some of the finest and prestigious universities with 33 of them in world’s Top 100. There are 50 states in the USA where each state consists of at least one top-ranked university for UG and PG courses. Students have choice of studying at 4,000+ universities offering highest level of programs in engineering, technology, business and management. The institutions are renowned for their excellence in academic standards, highly qualified faculty members, state-of-art infrastructure and tech-enabled learning environment.
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Flexible Learning The US educational institutions are not centrally monitored but they are accredited independently by national or regional authorities which provides them liberty to offer customized and flexible programs and study choices to the students. This allows students to decide their course content as well as its structure as per their preference and interest. The American university classroom atmosphere is very dynamic and puts a greater emphasis on internships for up-to-date outcome-based learning.
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Excellent Support System for Foreign Students The obstacles which foreign students pass through are immense but American universities understand their struggles and therefore organize day-to-day orientation programs, workshops, and training to assist. The local students help the international students to get accustomed to a new lifestyle. They even assist the students with any academic, cultural or social queries bringing them in a comfortable zone.
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Living Experience US has fusion of residents from diverse nationalities, cultures, races, ethnicity and languages. This creates a very liberal and harmonious environment which influences the overall personality of international students helping them to thrive in their personal lives as well as in academic careers. Similarly, the academic campuses offer open, lively, vibrant and stimulating experiences. The American way of working and living is considered as a trendsetter in other countries.
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Student Support The International Student Services Office in American institutions helps the international students in queries related to their housing, working, visa status, finances, etc. This assistance is provided through Orientation on arrival and by conducting regular seminars, workshops and training activities.

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