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Canada consists of 10 provinces and 3 territories with Ottawa as national capital and Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal as its metropolitan cities. Canada has highly developed education system, work and living environment with affordable tuition fee and amenities costs. Apart from the excellent education system, the country has some of the most beautiful national parks, wildlife, mountains and coastlines. These facts have helped Canada to be considered as one of the best countries to live in consistently for 20 years by the United Nations. Below are some very interesting facts about Canada
  • Canada is the 02nd largest country in the world in land area
  • 27 Canadian universities are ranked in The World University Ranking (2019)
  • One of the top study destinations with 5,00,000+ international student enrolments
  • Among world’s safest and most peaceful countries (Global Peace Index, 2018)
  • World’s most educated country with 50% Canadians having college degree
  • One of the wealthiest countries with $48,000 per capita income
  • Highest number of lakes in the world numbering around 30 lakhs!
  • Major industries are manufacturing, mining, services, forestry & petroleum
  • Over 3,00,000 immigrants migrate to Canada every year

Study in Canada

Canada is considered as one of the most ideal destinations for higher studies for two decades. The foremost reason why students chose to study in a country like Canada is because it provides a consummate and excellent higher education which hold higher values across the globe. Employability rate is wonderful after graduating from a Canadian institution as the academic credential has a similar great value to the credentials from the USA, Australia, UK and other European nations. Nearly 5,00,000 students choose Canada as their final destination for higher studies due to the highly advanced programs which are industry oriented and offered at very affordable tuition fees. Lower living expenses, high standard of living, good employment opportunities and on the top, easy settlement options make Canada as one of the most preferred destinations for international students.
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Academic Institutions  Canada has world-class private and public funded colleges and universities spread across all its 10 provinces and 03 territories. Over 11 of its universities are in placed in world’s top 250 universities. Students have options to choose from over 15,000 programs from these highly reputed colleges and universities.
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Affordable Expenses The tuition fee and living expenses in Canada is much lower than other English-speaking countries like Australia, UK or USA. The average tuition fees for international students for an undergraduate program is around 27,000 CAD and for a postgraduate program is approx. 16,500 CAD. The cost to pursue an MBA program is approx. 30,000 CAD. However, availability of scholarships for qualifying students furthers lowers the costs.
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Student Work Permits International students are permitted to work part-time during the course of their study sessions which is 20 hours per week. However, they can work for full-time during vacations & semester breaks. Post-study work permit exists for further stay and work in Canada for up to 3 years depending upon type and length of the program.
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High living Standards Canada is ranked no. 1 in terms of quality of life. 5 of Canadian cities are among world’s 100 best cities for students. When we check the country on Better Life Index, Canada stands far ahead to most other counties in measures of well-being. It ranks above the average in housing, subjective well-being, personal security, health status, social contacts, ecological eminence, employment and earnings, work-life balance, education and skills, civic engagement, income and wealth.
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PR Possibilities Canada encourages immigration as part of its economic policy and provides fastest way for the Permanent Residency. The country offers a variety of immigration programs which makes the PR process easy and achievable for international students. In fact, there are many Federal Economic Immigration Programs and Provincial Nominee Programs which offers additional points to the applicants who have completed their education in Canada.

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