8 Reasons Why You Should Study In Canada

Canada has long been the most preferred destination for Indian students. There has been a recent shift in the tide with students in India placing more importance on Canada for higher education than placing it on the USA. Let us look at the reasons that have caused this effect:

  • High-Quality Education:
    One of the top reasons to study in Canada as the most sought-after study destination is the superior quality of education being provided. The rapidly developing infrastructure, as well as the increasing quality of education, has played an important role in attracting students from all over the world.
  • Work While Studying:
    Many countries do not allow students to work part-time while being enrolled in a university. However, Canada allows students to work around 20 hours per week. This means that if you are studying in Canada, you will be able to earn while studying. Amazing, right? We surely think so!
  • Cost-Effective:
    As compared to the UK and the USA, Canada has a lower cost of education. For the same quality of education, one will be able to save more. This has been a very important point for most of the students who are thinking about moving abroad for their higher education.
  • Dynamic Environment:
    Life is rich and living is enjoyable in Canada. Many people from different walks of life have settled here in order to make a living. Due to this, Canada has become a diverse hub of culture and ethnicity.
  • Amazing Living Conditions:
    The United Nations has deemed Canada as one of the best places to live. Numerous opportunities, high quality of life, clean air/water, and world-class healthcare facilities make it a top choice to settle in. 
  • Job Opportunities:
    The one thing that attracts most students in Canada is the abundance of employment opportunities. International students can take advantage of numeousnyneriyd programs available, in order to fast-track their careers. Furthermore, students can even work at their campus without a work permit.
  • Explore A Beautiful Country:
    Vast spaces, rich historical landmarks, and a serene backdrop make Canada an immensely beautiful country. One can set out on a journey to discover these places that carry a calm and a sense of tranquility that is never found anywhere else.

Immigration Opportunities:
Canada’s Express Entry immigration system allows international students to immigrate to the country under the CEC (Canadian Experience Class). It offers bonus points to people with Canadian study and work experience. You can even apply for permanent residency through Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program.

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