Grammar : A hidden essential to writing and Speaking

Several IELTS test takers have a school of thought in their minds: What is more important for a language test? Or How can they achieve their desired bands in language tests? The answer to all questions is having a thorough understanding of grammar.

Definition of Grammar: In simple words, it means the study of some terms that are structured into a clause to get an expressive statement.

Grammar is a master key to score the outcome of any language. It works for enriching spoken and written communication proficiency in a person. So, all IELTS test takers should subsist on it.

How grammar boosts individuals Writing skills?
We have discovered it that most of the aspirants lack writing skills. The foremost reason for this is grammar and vocabulary. One must use grammar rules accurately whether it is a part of speech, sentence structure, tense, or punctuation. These concepts play a vital part in the Writing module.

How can one enhance their writing skill?
We can bring improvement in the writing unit in different ways. It is reading that helps a person to develop writing skills.

  • First, it eventually assists one to build terminology and explore new ideas for essay writing.
  • It helps to lessen the grammar mistakes.
  • Last, it aids to synchronize ideas; it means reading helps to arrange the ideas which increase your coherence and cohesion in the writing module.

Therefore, it is essential to revamp your writing skills with the help of reading.

How can one accomplish better scores in the Speaking module with grammar?
Well, speaking is a viewpoint. Similarly, k speaking module a person conveys their notion to another person. While speaking one must focus on grammar and not on translation. If you don’t speak naturally, you may not turn up as a native speaker and end up losing bands. It is essential to speak up normally in the speaking module. There are many ways to intensify your spoken skills.

  • To be honest, at first, the candidate has to focus on listening skills. Imagine how you learned to speak your first attempt was always listening and then you could speak your native dialect. The same way to augment speaking one has to the listening activity daily.
  • Second, pronunciation is very essential as it comes along with listening practice. Listen to the native speakers and try to pronounce correctly.
  • Grammar is another factor that is an important component, but one should not focus on translation activity. Instead, they ought to comprehend in English, which helps them to speak fluently and precisely.
  • A simple grammatically correct answer will help you score more than a one which is broadly filled with error sentences.
  • Finally, these all help to speak fluently. This is because if a person uses correct grammar and pronunciation, it gives them more confidence to speak accurately.

How to brush up on your grammar skill?

  • Work on sentence structures. Practice writing and speaking a different sentence structure.
  • Use accurate parts of speech.
  • Practice Nominalisation and Paraphrasing techniques.
  • Use articles correctly.
  • Keep speaking in English to improve your language skills.

The English language is all about practice and correct rules used to speak or write to communicate. Follow all the strategies above mentioned. These are tried and tested methods to work on a language. Practice your IELTS tests with all techniques and score your desired bands.

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